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"Words cannot express what Cynthia has done for me. She changed my life. At the end of April I had a mini neck lift. 10 days later I developed an infection that nearly put me in the hospital. After fighting though the infection I developed very bad scar tissue. Since I was in a desperate situation I contacted my niece in Texas who works with one of the top plastic surgeons there and he recommended that I get lymphatic drainage massages. Immediately I went online and started to review different establishments and there I saw Cynthia’s information and I contacted her. I felt so blessed to have met Cynthia. Not only is she the best therapist but she is a miracle worker. I did exactly what she told me to do and kept my appointments and today I am so happy to report that I am almost 100% back to normal. I had choices that were nearer to my location but I drove from the Westside so that I could see Cynthia. And now that my treatments are over I will continue to be going to her to do my monthly tune ups "

Jennifer Lowe

"Cynthis Kipnis worked as a massage therapist on several clinical research protocols with me for 5 years at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. She was courteous, intelligent, reliable and loyal. She was invaluable in helping us with our research efforts. If I can provide any further information, please do not hesitate to let me know."

Mark Hyman Rapaport, M.D.
Chair and Chief of Psychiatric Services

"I had suffered with lymphedema in my lower leg for years, and then I found Cynthia Kipnis and her expertise 4 years ago. With only two treatments, I saw a 3 ½ inch reduction in the size of my ankle, coupled with a 4 ½ pound release of fluid from that leg. I couldn’t believe that I could actually walk without dragging a heavy leg, but it was true! She not only has provided maintenance treatment as I’ve needed it, but has given me clear instruction in self-care to keep my leg at normal size.

In addition to the lymphedema treatments, I’ve also experienced Cynthia’s wonderful massages which truly rejuvenate stagnant muscles. I whole-heartedly recommend that lymphedema sufferers take advantage of her wonderful ministrations. She will truly change your life."


"During my search for relief from years of recurrent chronic pain, I have experienced surgery, taken pain medications, received chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and physical therapy with minimal results.

Cynthia Bartholmey was referred to me for massage therapy treatment nine years ago and, after several sessions, the results were outstanding.  Various therapeutic massage techniques and MLD are combined for my particular program, and Cynthia routinely changes it up by experimenting with different and/or new approaches.  She keeps up to date by continuing education, and I'm one of the beneficiaries.

I highly recommend Cynthia Bartholmey for any endeavor to which she aspires.  She is a dependable professional, who exhibits exceptional judgment and expertise and takes pride and enjoyment in her work."


"Cynthia Kipnis has been treating my husband and me since 1984.   I started with receiving cellulite body contouring massages.  They were very effective with great results. 

Then some years ago I was on cortisone.  One of the worst side effects is the moon face that steroids cause, in addition to the swelling of the rest of your body.   Cynthia started giving me lymphatic drainage and the difference was amazing and a huge morale booster after the embarrassment of the swelling.

Since 1984, my husband has been receiving deep tissue massages from Cynthia almost every weekend.  It has become an important part of his preventive health program.  When traveling, he doesn’t even bother with the local talent, as he feels no one is as good as Cynthia.

She really has a gift."
Lili Zanuck

"I have been a client of Cynthia's for over ten years. She is a most skilled masseuse with an intuitive ability to know what will work on a potential problem area. Cynthia is expert in the techniques of lymphatic massage and I have personally experienced it's benefits.

I have also been using her line of anti aging products and am extremely pleased with their results. The products are easy to use and you can see and feel a dramatic difference in your skin almost immediately. I make sure to always keep my favorites of her line on hand at home and when I travel."

Lisa (12/5/10)

Cynthia Kipnis saved me!! I had a lower face and neck lift as well as bilateral Ptosis eye repair surgery. I had an excellent surgeon and good recovery, but a lot of swelling. I had a wedding to attend across country in just 3 1/2 weeks after surgery. I went to Cynthia for lymphatic massage at the beginning of the 3rd week and saw her 4 times, it decreased my swelling by approx 25%. I felt and looked great! I flew across country and enjoyed the wedding with no one noticing I had work done. The only comments from my good friends were that I looked amazing and that my skin looked "pore less"!!!!!

Thank you Cynthia!!!
SB (6/11/13)


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